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Who Are We?

In 2011, Founder of Stretch Beyond, LLC. and basketball analyst LaChina Robinson started a shadowing program for young women who had an interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting. By request, women of all ages had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the on-camera and production side of sports television during the Atlanta Dream (WNBA) season. Kevin Nixon, Co-Founder of Sport Vids, LLC. leads a team of creative professionals with backgrounds in sports and media production who provide coverage for Atlanta Dream games as well. In 2016, both LaChina and Kevin came together to launch Rising Media Stars. RMS is a unique program designed to help women of color gain positions in sports broadcasting. 

What is Rising Media Stars?

Rising Media Stars is an organization whose mission is to provide avenues, opportunities, and resources for women of color who are looking to start a career in sports broadcasting.

Why Rising Media Stars?

While both LaChina and Kevin utilize their individual companies to provide opportunities for women to gain exposure within sports media, they created RMS so that they could do more collectively. Rising Media Stars' purpose is to provide tools, resources and opportunities for women of color who are looking to start a career in sports media. It is our mission and goal to diversify the sports broadcasting workforce. We want to increase the number of opportunities provided to women of color by enhancing their experiences, helping them gain exposure and equipping them with tools and resources to jump start their careers.



Meet the creators of Rising Media Stars!

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LaChina Robinson

Co-Founder & Basketball Analyst


Kevin Nixon

Co-Founder & Media Producer

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